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Aluminium Screws

Aluminum has the best stregnth to weight ratio amnongst all the metals commonnly used. Aluminum screws are used in machines and industries where a lightweight fastening solution is needed with high stregnth.
We manufacture machine screws and wood screws. All major standards for threads such as Metric, NPTF, NPT etc are followed. Various finishes and coatings can also be added to the product to prevent corrosion ot for aesthetic reasons.
Different head styles of screws manufactured include Hex, Pan, Flat, Socket and Button among many others.
Different Drive types are also possible such as Hex scoket and Phillips among others.

Aluminium screws

We are one of the leading manufacturers suppliers exporters of Aluminum Screws Please contact us for all your needs of Aluminum Screws from Jamnagar- India at best pricing.